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A male friend more recently complained to me about how guys have to do all the work (be the hunter).

They have to start talking to the girl in an effort to pick her up (for whatever to follow), buy her a drink, woo her, and basically do everything in their power to seduce and secure the girl.

While the girl can just sit there and watch and observe and accept or decline (be the collector).

The risk of the pick-up is with the guy, and the chances of success usually 30%. Along with that comes the fear of rejection, which for some is so great that it stops them from talking to half the women they like for exactly that fear. It is a pretty one-sided game, and we women have it pretty easy. Said friend confided that he wished for a more evenly distributed action of the game, with the girls taking the initiative for a first contact with a guy as well.

On the other hand, there are guys who are quite skilled in the pickup game and actually enjoy being hunters. They don’t mind doing all the work, as for them it is some kind of sport. They actually do not like a woman to be aggressive and forthcoming.

Me, I am more of the school of “say what you want and go get it”.

With mixed success. On a bad day I scare most guys, and on a good day with me approaching a guy asking him to sleep with me frightens the living daylight out of even the most seasoned of hunters. Either way, it is not garnered with much success. Which leaves me to sit back and collect. And what if my object of desire is a shy bambi (think pretty face with big brown eyes) who thinks that I am completely out of his league. What are our chances then? What to do?

I think I’ll take my chances and collect my fair share of rejections – in true Helga style – enjoy them while they are hot!


What are your thoughts? Hunting or collecting – or both?