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This was the advertisement my friends’ Tinder date put out for himself. 

What he was inferring to was his seeming ability to be anything but boring in bed and understanding sexual practices that were anything but the normal, the vanilla.

Which led me to ponder this a bit. That statement implies that vanilla is boring, the ordinary, the common. And who would want that? We, who we are constantly searching for extraordinary, the special, the crazy, also in our sexual practices, to be anything but normal.

But is vanilla really that bad?

Vanilla ice cream can be combined with raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, and cherries (to name a few), both hot and cold. It is excellent with chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, and may other liquids, including Baileys and other liqueurs. It is good on chocolate cake, brownies, and all kinds of cookies.

In short, it can be combined with so many other things for an exciting combination.

With that said, I advocate for the vanilla kind of sex and relationship. Especially with its many combination possibilities, many of which you don’t have with other ice cream. Same goes for the partner of choice. Wouldn’t you rather have vanilla and combine it every conceivable way rather than having an one-time exotic combination of dark chocolate with chili.

Or maybe have it all – vanilla for every day and occasionally the one or the other flavor of ice cream, just to spice things up.

I currently enjoy vanilla (still!), strawberry, and pistachio, with the occasional chili chocolate thrown in.

What do you think? What’s your favorite ice cream?