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One of my avid readers was sharing her friends with benefits story with me. She is single by choice, because according to her, she is sick of playing mum or therapist or both. On second thought, there might be a time and place for playing mum as I just remembered my friend who has “daddy issues”. But more on that in one of my next blogs….. 
Back to my friend’s original story.

She, being single, still has certain needs that she likes to have satisfied occasionally.

And for that she has friends with benefits. She can call them whenever she desires and they meet. Sometimes at her home, sometimes at a hotel, or whereever tickles their fancy at the time. And they spend that special time together. Sometimes in pairs, sometimes in a threesome. The rest I leave up to your imagination. I have also heard of cases where for example the cleaning lady is a friend with benefit – cleaning naked with a happy ending.

What is your friends with benefits story?