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A friend of mine has a super clever trick to get his lovers.

He calls it the “who’s your daddy” pickup line.

He for some reason resembles the trusted older gentleman, a father figure, who can take good care of you but also listen to all your worries and make them go away. His preferred choice are young males up to the age of 25 who seemingly are all looking for a temporary daddy. And there seem to be a lot of such them, judging by his success rate. He plays the father figure (wasn’t that also a George Michal song??) and looks after those poor guys in need. Now, I don’t care whatever it is that gets you across the line, as long as everyone is happy. 

That pickup scheme is one of the more adventurous ones I’ve come across.

But I am sure that there must be a lot more out there. What is your most favorite pickup scheme? Or the most outrageous one you’ve encountered? Let me know – I am curious. And for anyone with daddy issues, and wishes to temporarily ease them, drop me a line and I’ll make the connection.