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If you ever need a good pick up line, or better said, a pick up item, here is one for you (it’s been tested and proven that it does indeed work).  

If you want to have a great evening and successfully pick up a guy, here is what you need to do. Next time when you are randomly coming back after shopping for some utilitarian equipment for your household, say a cleaning set, a clothes drying rack, or an outdoor carpet for the balcony, instead of going home and dumping it before going out, take it with you.

The more obscure the item the better.  

We have tested this pickup tip with an outdoor carpet for our balcony. The carpet was a good size, about 2 m tall and fairly heavy. Since on the way home I felt like a beer and didn’t want to do the detour of half an hour (you know about instant gratification, don’t you?!), I stopped at a random bar on the way home, dragging my carpet along. In the bar I put it next to me, sort of as an imaginary friend, and pretty soon the carpet turned out to be the conversation starter, as everyone wanted to know why I went out with my carpet. The story about why I go out with a carpet became more and more imaginative as the evening went on. And it invited guys to help me carry the carpet to what by then became a pub crawl. By the end of the evening, not only were guys leaning against it like against an old friend, they were also putting their beer on top as if to trust their drink with a mate. And one rather kind gentlemen then finally at 3 a.m. offered to carry it home for me since it was obviously way too heavy for me and he felt compelled to ensure that his friend and the lady made it home o.k. He did also feel compelled to stay the night since the carpet was leaning a bit unstable against the wall. And so we decided to keep one eye on the carpet while busying ourselves with sexual activities (not really, but this is the story we told ourselves as a justification why we ended up in bed together). All in the name of the carpet, which, by the way, survived the night and spent many happy months on the balcony.  

Have you ever had a random experience like that with a carpet? 😉