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Once upon a time I had this fling with a co-worker that ended badly. He and I had been flirting for a while, nothing serious, just light-hearted banter going back and forth. That was, until one evening at a company meeting (don’t all bad stories always start like that??) he decided to call my bluff.

Well, the champagne might have fueled my bravery, and so it came and he and I found ourselves back in my hotel room.

A bit surprised by the unfolding of events, we decided to engage in a test of 10 minute hugging to see if there was more to it than just a flirt taking on a life of its own. After a bit of trying out the best hugging position I ended up straddling him and we embraced (yeah, I know!). He set a timer for 10 minutes to do the experiment justice.

I guess a blind man could have seen what transpired next. We ended up with hands going everywhere and undressing each other in record time. By the time the 10 minutes where up we were both stark naked and ready to have intercourse. He was very well endowed, a fact that actually slightly worried me. He was about to enter me with that huge thing (yes, ladies, there is such a thing as being too big, and then it hurts a lot)! And then he made a mistake that cost him. He made fun of me and belittled me by saying that “oh my, I can see that you can hardly wait to have me inside you”. To which I thought “dude – I never was that desperate and I never will be”. And with these words I did push him off the corner of the bed and threw him out of my hotel room. He, utterly stunned and surprised by what had just gone down, got up, dressed, and left.  

I realized later that he was just out to add me to his collection of trophies and to brag about how he got me to sleep with him. And I was very glad that I didn’t. The events of the evening somewhat put a sour note on our relationship and we avoided each other from then on.  

Have you ever been taken advantage of? What was one of your lessons learned with your date gone wrong? I’d be curious to hear your stories – write me!