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I somewhat follow the discussions about free-range vs. cage kept. How it is cruel. Inhuman. But maybe some actually want it. After a more recent experience, where I found myself being put in a cage for a lengthy amount of time, I am all for cage kept.

It was quite an enjoyable experience.

Sometimes, in a world where too much is barely enough, reducing life to a minimum means it is all the space one needs. There are times when you don’t feel like roaming around, moving freely, and having all the space in the world. It’s those moments where being confined to a cage is beautiful. Perfectly suitable for in between. Don’t feel comfortable with wandering liberally. Are more happy when kept in a cage. Maybe not all the time, but occasionally. When the world out there gets too much isn’t it then nice to be able to go back to your own little cage?

What do you think?