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More recently, a friend of mine shared one of her dating experiences with me. She was asked out by this guy who she knew through mutual acquaintances. And since the guy was very tall and skinny – her preferred type – she accepted. On a side note, she is normally only half the size of the guys she dates, and I always thought it funny that she went for the tall guys, but hey, her thing, not mine.

Me, my neck is just hurting from thinking about reaching up to him to give him a kiss. But she obviously liked it and always went back for the same guy. In any case, they went out on a date together, for some drinks and to chat and get to know each other.

At the end of the evening (after a split bill), he asked her if she was interested in sex.

She was a bit surprised at the direct approach, given that it was the first date and all. She suggested taking it a bit slow, to which he responded: So then, do you at least want to swallow? 

Now completely taken aback, she declined. When she told me the story, upset and bewildered at the same time, I couldn’t help but ponder the question:

What’s in it for me in a blow job?

I understand it from a guy’s perspective, there is something powerful about a girl going down on you. But what’s in it for the girl, other than a mouthful of protein?